DELWP Bushfire Briefing Session

We recently attended a workshop conducted by Bushfire Planning (KH Planning Services), explaining recent developments in bushfire assessment in Victoria.

Planning for Bushfire – Forms of bushfire at a site scale (KH Planning Services Pty Ltd).

Thank you Kevin Hazell for leading this informative session. These were our 3 top takeaways:

  1. Clause 71.02-3 (VC140) calls for a mandatory prioritising and protection of human life above all other policy considerations in bushfire affected areas.
  2. Clause 13.02 specifies seven key considerations in planning for bushfire these are:
    • Landscape bushfire considerations;
    • Alternative locations for development;
    • Availability of safe areas;
    • The views of the relevant fire authority and other relevant agencies;
    • Site based exposure;
    • Areas of high biodiversity conservation value;
    • No increase in risk.
  3. Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning v Yarra Ranges SC (Red Dot) [2019] VCAT 323 found that:
    • Bushfire risk should be considered not solely from a site or immediate local perspective but from a wider landscape perspective;
    • Planning for bushfire is not a ‘tick the box’ approach and must satisfy the policy framework;
    • 13.02 is unequivocal in directing development to low risk locations when addressing ‘protection of human life’;
    • Bushfire shelter and evacuating the site on code red days is not enough to reduce extreme risk of bushfire.

Are you considering building in a bushfire prone area? Contact Plans in Motion today to discuss how we can assist you.

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