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You have an issue with your land or property, you need a planning permit, right? I mean, that's why you're here right now, reading this. Well, we can help. Welcome and hello. We are Plans in Motion, urban planners.

Plans in Motion (PIM) are urban planners, specialising in urban planning, land use and property development. We advise on town planning, project management of land development and the use of property. We do this with commitment, passion and drive.

If the planning process feels like a complex maze, talk to us. Our expertise can guide you through every facet of the planning system, assisting you in unlocking and realising the development potential of your land. We do our utmost to take the headaches and hurdles out of the planning process and make the difficult bits feel simple.

What do we do, you ask?
Lots! (get it? No? Tough crowd…)

But seriously, folks, PIM offer unique expertise in all aspects of town planning including;

  • urban and regional town planning
  • due diligence assessments
  • land use
  • development capability
  • structure plans, development plans, master plans, and
  • the management of the approval process and the planning permit once issued.

In other words, the full kit and caboodle.

How do we make this happen for you?

Firstly, we do this by working as a team with businesses, developers, builders, government and stakeholders. Most importantly, by working together with you. Partnership is crucial to PIM. We believe that this is because it helps to create positive outcomes and results in getting the necessary planning permits. In other words, it helps you to get what you want and need. We are driven to help you with your land or property development queries.

If you want to transform your land into a functional factory, an industrial park, a viable commercial use or a retail centre, we know how to lend a hand. If you need town planning help with managing your residential project, whether a single dwelling, a residential estate or apartments, we know what to do for to help you manage the town planning process. PIM will take the tricky stuff out of your hands, and do the hard part of getting a planning permit for you. We can manage the fiddly bits and pieces, dealing with complex constraints like environmental audit requirements, flora and fauna, topographical and geological issues, architectural requirements and archaeological heritage. Plus, we can take care of any other relevant concerns that crop up along the way.

In a nutshell, PIM can:

  • Work together with you to understand your vision
  • Recommend pathways to achieving your vision
  • Advise on the how that vision fits into the parameters of current planning legislation
  • Advise on the need for supporting consultants in the process and manage their involvement
  • Develop strategies for the planning controls governing your property
  • Prepare planning permit application for land development, land use, subdivision, development plans, master plans and the like
  • Represent your interest at Planning appeals and Planning Panels

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Maggie Cusdin

Managing Director

Representing and advising public sector and private clients at planning panels and appeals advocacy is Maggie’s strength.

As the Director at Plans in Motion, Maggie works with public and private sector clients throughout Victoria. She is skilled at negotiating with key stakeholders, authorities and private enterprise, ensuring her clients’ positions are clearly and fairly presented at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and Panels.

Maggie is a diverse practitioner having worked extensively for local councils and private companies. As a result, she has a strong network of industry contacts, an intimate knowledge of a broad range of municipal planning schemes and a true understanding of the inner workings of the planning process.

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