We’re so excited to announce the approval of the Red Pig Historic Bakery! Located on Stanley Street in Toora, South Gippsland, it’s one of our favourite projects.

The brainchild of Prom Country earth-pigment artist and entrepreneur Anne Roussac-Hoyne, the Red Pig project has as its centrepiece an historic woodfired Scotch oven dating from 1890.

Gently expanding to house a restaurant and bar, the revived bakery will offer a range of baked delights.

At the heart of the building, Capucine Germain will bring her extraordinary passion for baking and her French training in artisan breadmaking to Toora, promising to charm visitors from near and far.

Designed by Genem Architects, the project comprises a modern shell enveloping the historic bakery and allowing it to be seen at street level through a gorgeous glazed façade.

Inside, diners will have the option of lounging or sitting opposite a large viewing window allowing behind-the-scenes glimpses of Capucine at work.


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